10 Locations in Nebraska to visit that will give you the perfect scene for a photo

Nebraska has soooo many little gems to visit. Some of these places you may have already been to, others maybe not. Either way, you can get creative and think like a photographer while you're there. Bring your iPhone (or whatever smartphone you have) and get ready to take some fun pictures with friends and family, or by yourself!

Photo Courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

#10 Platte River State Park (Louiseville, NE)

Nestled between Lincoln and Omaha, its the perfect location to get away in nature. The beautiful little waterfall, hiking trails, and scenic observation towers are all great options when visiting. This state park is sure to get you some beautiful photos and memories along the way.

#9 Old Market (Downtown Omaha, Ne)

The Old Market may seem obvious for us, Omahans (is that a word?), but with the intention of finding some really pretty locations, we're all over this. The Old Market gives off a rustic, urban vibe that allows for so much texture and color. There is opportunity for super unique photo opportunities on every street! Get creative and show me what you come up with here. Then head to a local restaurant and eat some delish food!

#8 Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium (Omaha, Ne)

Voted the #6 zoo in the WORLD, there is bound to be some amazing photo opps. Get up and close in the aquarium for some really cool water photos, or head to the giraffes and elephants. They are sure to fill up your background! My favorite is taking a trip through the desert dome because there is so little separation between you and the animals.

#7 Chimney Rock (Bayard, Ne)

Chimney Rock is a historical rock formation in Western Nebraska. Made up of clay, sandstones and volcanic ash, the rock is about 286ft tall. The rock was thought to once be much taller but lightning, military fire, and erosion all contributed to it shrinking. Take a road trip and be ready for the sunrise or sunset for the picture-perfect scene.

Photo Courtesy of Lincoln, NE

#6 Sunken Gardens (Lincoln, NE)

Sunken Gardens is nestled right in Lincoln, not far from the Nebraska State Capitol. Admissions is free which makes it easily accessible for an entire family to visit! It's a place of beauty of peace with so many unique trees, shrubs, and flowers. Each year Sunken Gardens has a theme, and 2021's theme is Ruby Slippers.

#5 Nebraska state Capitol Building (Lincoln, NE)

Once you're done at Sunken Gardens, take a short drive to the Nebraska State Capitol building. A huge, beautifully built building with amazing architecture, open walkways, and perfect window lighting. Murals and paintings will make you feel like a real art skeptic. The grounds here are always kept clean. It's a perfect trip!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Kemp

#4 Lauritzen Gardens (Omaha, NE)

Lauritzen Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden in Omaha, NE. Perfect even when it's cold out, with indoor exhibits. They are frequently changing the themes, making it a consistent place to visit! Go through beautiful tropical vibes, to rose gardens, meadows, and more. Get your phone ready for all nature has to offer here.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Welch

#3 Indian cave State Park (shubert, Ne)

Soak in the beauty of Indian Cave State Park through the 22 miles of hiking, sweeping views of the Missouri River and wooded forest surrounding it. Fall is the best time to visit to see all the varying colors from the arial views. The Indian Cave is the main geologic feature of the area and bears prehistoric Native American petroglyphs of an unknown date and origin.

#2 Toadstool Geological Park (Harrison, Ne)

Take a road trip to Toadstool Geological Park! I 100% suggest going for a days worth of fun. Sunrise views, hiking around the rock formations, taking lunch at the picnic tables, use the fire rings to roast marshmallows, and watch the beautiful sunset. Did you think this would be Nebraska?!

#1 lake mcconaughy (Ogallala, Nebraska)

I visited here last summer, and me and my husband were blown away! The beach had perfectly white sand, and people were living their life like we were in So. Cal. The lake is not the typical NE site. Take a getaway, rent a cabin, and beach it out without having to drive out of state or get on a plane. Do NOT forget the photos on this one.

Have spots that you recommend visiting in Nebraska that weren't listed?