A bride and groom exciting the church with bubbles everywhere.
A group photo of the entire wedding party at Lake Cunningham in Omaha, NE.
Bride and groom are kissing at the alter.
The bridesmaids are surrounding the bride with flowers.
The bride and groom are looking at each other in a park.
The groom is holding the brides face with the sun in the background.
The newly married couple is dancing out of the church.
Bride and groom are kissing under the brides vail in downtown Omaha.
The bride and groom are walking toward the sunset in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska.
The groom is holding the bride and kissing her face in downtown Omaha, NE.
The bride and groom are smiling while hugging in Downtown Omaha, NE.
The bride is looking at the groom at the alter.
The bride is kneeling down to hug her toddler daughter.
The bride and groom are walking away from the alter while people are cheering for them.
A wedding ring sitting on a table with leaves.
The bride and groom surrounded by their children all smiling.
The bride and groom forehead to forehead sitting on a couch.
The bride and groom walking hand in hand, while smiling.
A wedding ring and wedding band surrounded by flowers on a table.
A bride in a wedding dress looking out on the Fremont Lake.
The bride sitting in front of her wedding dress with her daughter.
The bride and groom on the sand after they exchanged vows.
The groom holding his granddaughter with the bridal party surrounding them.
The bride is being held by the groom near a brick wall with a window.
The groomsmen and bridesmaids blowing kisses to each other.
The wedding ring and wedding band sitting on a velvet couch.
The bride surrounded by the bridesmaids all laughing in the snow.
The bride in a white dress, sitting on a couch looking out of a window.
The bride showing her flowers to the flower girl.
Heels and a wedding veil resting on a couch.

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