So you've booked your photographer... you have the date set up and everyone is available... the last and typically least exciting thing is coordinating outfits!

First things first, if you totally dislike figuring out outfits, great news... so do most people! A well formed photographer will usually help you in the right direction if you're completely stressed. I always ask my clients, "Do you have an idea for outfits?" and can get a feel if they're wanting help or not. I've come up with a basis for getting outfits together, so you can hopefully gain some confidence in this grey area of photos!

Why your outfit is the most important PREPARATION you can do

Family photos are such an important moment to capture. The kids are a certain age, and you get to capture every little detail of that age. Their face, their height, their weight, their smile. Maybe they're missing a few teeth, maybe they're about to head off to college. Outfits should be the guidelines for an awesome picture of your family, not the main attention.

Just Say NO!

Say no to characters and words on clothing. They are distracting and take away from the special moments and people that you want the photos to focus on. If your son wants to wear a shirt with his favorite superhero, please give him other options! Of course your son would look cute with a superhero t-shirt, but as he grows he may no longer like that superhero, and you won't either. Just say no... nicely. ;)

Coordinating > Matching

So many of us grew up taking family photos at JC Pennys with matching outfits on. Am I right? I love the photo of me and my family and were all rocking denim from head to toe. It was definitely a trend, but that is long gone. Matching doesn't allow for people to be the main focus, it draws you directly to the outfits. We want each person in the photo to be unique and seen, being able to express who they are. Not to mention, matching can get expensive! Coordinating outfits is softer on the eyes, and won't date like a matching outfit.

when in doubt, neutral it out

If you're afraid of having too much color or you're not sure you want that style, the best option is to go towards neutrals. Cream, white, beige, black, and grays are all great options because they go with just about any background.

Sample Color Palettes

Here are some really simple, beautiful color palettes that look really clean in photos.

No need to use every color, use it as a guide to finding some coordinating colors that look great in photos.